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for one or for many


Need Funds for uniforms, game fees, tournaments, equipment ?

Look No Further. We Have Several Options Below, beyond our 'Return to Grow Program' 


Choose any series of items for your self or organization. Sell from our site or have the items sent to you. Either option has its merits.

Sell on Site

We will set up a special sellers page for your organization or for you.

Send buyers to this page and collect your profits.


Welcome to Your Sellers Page

Sell Yourself

Choose 1 item or several. Purchase them at a 'wholesale' cost, sell them in which ever way you choose & whatever price makes sense.

*  Door to Door

*  From a table at the game

*  Use your imagination

Contact us with any questions

Products available

  • T-Shirts

  • Hoodies

  • Shorts

  • Sweats

  • Aprons

  • Baby Clothes

  • Knit Caps

  • Ball Caps

  • Polos

  • Jackets

  • String Bags

  • Carry Bags

  • Pillow Cases

  • Towels

  • Ask about other products

Some Products Have A Minimum Order

LHV Gear Nations Fund Raising Option

Tired of the same ol’ fundraiser techniques?

LHV Gear Nation has a unique way for your team, organization, school or individual can raise money along with some of the more traditional ways.

We offer a way to not only build funds for your group but build awareness as well. Instead of selling BBQ, ice creams, pizzas or other things that just get eaten and forgotten, this new type will allow people to see your group's logo and or motto thereby growing your group's visibility.

Our design team will develop new concepts of your logo, name or motto so you can continue to sell your apparel at every game, tournament or event. This way people never get tired of wearing your logo.

Let us help you decide which color shirts best match your needs. You can add ANY color you wish to your order, just tell us.

Unlike other fundraisers this allows you to diversify not only the design but your appeal to the general public. Your group can now draw the eyes and interest of others due to your unique fundraiser and guess what… pull new fans to you

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