A little bit of me

Hello friends, I would like to tell you quickly my story of how our sport has changed my life and will continue to change the lives of many more people, my name is Didier Sibaja, I was born in San Jose Costa Rica, my town is known as the city of witches and for that reason the design that you will see in this page is a Sorcerer and I am currently part of the Metrolacrosse Escazu team and of the national team of Costa Rica

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After having left soccer in an organized way I was some years without practicing any sport which made me considerably increase in weight and reach obesity, at my 34 (2014) years to see that I had hit bottom that my health was beginning a deterioration important, I began to look for alternatives to try to recover a level of health that was acceptable to me, it was then that I started taking care of myself and to resume the exercise, however always something was missing, that same year (2014) I had remembered that in my time as a university student (2007) people looking for a new sport were looking for ... Lacrosse, and I could see that my country (Costa Rica) was being represented in this discipline in the Denver World Championship, which made this sport again caught my attention, however for various personal reasons I had not been able to approach to learn and try to live a new experience 3 years later es (2017) I decided to contact the organizer of lacrosse in Costa Rica and timidly decided to give me an opportunity, leave the sport forgetfulness, and think of a new recreation for me without knowing that I was going to enter one of the best opportunities that life I received a gift, during my first year and my first tournament ... getting the ball into the pocket was a real challenge for me, but little by little, with practice and patience, skills were developed, the second year was born in my curiosity to know what it felt to score a goal? ... and I started working for that with such good fortune that the second year playing lacrosse (2018) ended up being the scorer of our team with only 5 entries, (which is something interesting someone who plays as a defense).

One day after a game in a conversation with our coach, I received a story that boomed loudly in my head and in my heart ... had been taken into account to participate in the process of forming the national team of Costa Rica to participate in the Indoor World Lacrosse Langley 2019 championship in which we are currently working hard so that our country can be known in the world of lacrosse.

It's funny how life changes radically through sports and how one makes an effort to be a better person, lacrosse has given me many good things in a very short time, maybe one of the best is the possibility of participating representing my country In a world sporting event at 39 years old, however, the best of all the opportunities it has given me is to be able to transmit my life experience to different people, teach and share about this great sport with children, youth and adults and about all can share a story in which somehow you can show other people that to achieve a dream, a goal, the change that may have been desired for a long time, there is no time, age or limiting condition.

Through this great opportunity offered by my sponsor www.lhvgearnation.com I will be able to contribute to the development of lacrosse in the city where I live and give an opportunity to all that person that like me I want to be able to change their lifestyle through this great sport and thus motivate them to fight for each of their goals.

Lic. Didier F. Sibaja 
HSE Manager
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